William Lloyd: Terms & Conditions

WILLIAM LLOYD (VAT No. 133284626), (modified April 2014)

These Terms and Conditions are agreed by William Lloyd (“the Company”) and you, the customer. If you are acting on behalf of another person, you represent and warrant that you have the legal authority to commit that person to these Terms.


1.1. The signing or completion of the order form by the customer or a verbal agreement between the customer and the Company shows an intention to enter into a legally binding relationship.

1.2. The contract takes effect from the date of the signing or completion of the order form or date of verbal agreement.

1.3. The customer agrees to pay the deposit as agreed and to make full payment for the work carried out by the Company as per the payment terms in section 8.


2.1 At the time of the order, the customer should make the delivery address clear to the Company.

2.2 A guide time will be given for expected delivery and installation, if required. As the product is bespoke and the timber is imported, there may be some variance in delivery time from the target given. Consideration should also be given for seasonal workloads; busier periods being between May and September.

2.3 Customers will be contacted 14 days prior to the anticipated delivery and installation date.

2.4 Customers are not usually required to be present for delivery and installation unless you have chosen to pay cash on delivery. If we are assembling a building and you will not be present you must inform us of the building placement and allow us access.

2.2 Please be aware that deliveries will only be made to the nearest point that is adjacent to the roadway and clear of obstruction. Carriers will not move product around or through the property. We may be able to move product around or through the property for an extra charge.

2.3 If the Company is unable to deliver the goods on the agreed delivery date by default of the customer then a re-delivery charge may apply.


3.1 Please be aware that our assembly crews only load the necessary base materials as specified on the order form.

3.2 We do not normally get involved in any ground works or clearing of the site which may be required before a base can be prepared. The exception to this is the removal of old buildings but we must be notified when ordering as there is a charge for this service.

3.3 If we arrive at your site and find that we have not been made fully aware as to the condition of your existing base or it is not suitable the customer will be liable for any losses, costs, or expenses incurred by the Company.

3.4 When laying concrete we require kind access to an outdoor water supply for mixing concrete and a power supply for the cement mixers, if being used. If you fail to inform us and we cannot find an outdoor water or power supply, we regret that there may be a re-visit charge and alternative arrangements made.

3.5 We may be unable to lay concrete in areas where there are steps or slopes. You must inform us immediately to avoid any extra charges or delays.

3.6 If there is a significant slope of the ground, an extra charge may be incurred if extra materials or labour need to be used.

3.7 The Company cannot be held liable for any problem including instability or deterioration caused by customer-provided bases.


4.1 If we are assembling your building your pathway must be free of obstruction/restriction to allow us to get our sectional panels through. You must inform us at time of ordering of any restrictions/obstructions relating to the site including but not limited to arches, height restrictions, tight corners, head beams or lean-to etc.

4.2 If we find that you have not informed us of any obstructions/restrictions which will not allow us proper access, the building may be left at your property. The customer will be liable for any losses, costs or expenses incurred by the Company if access is unsuitable or if modifications have to be made to buildings due to access restrictions.


5.1 If we arrive at the property and find you are not there and have not left any obvious signs or have not clearly informed us about the placement of your building we will at our discretion assemble the building in the most suitable area or choose to erect at a later date where a re-visit charge will apply.


6.1 Please note that we are unable to deal with any electrical work. If you require us to instruct an electrician, we can do so but there will be a separate charge for that.

6.2 You must seek a qualified electrician to remove and disconnect any electrics prior to the take down of any old building. If we arrive and find live electrics we regret that we will have to revisit once electrics has been fully removed and disconnected, this may incur a re-visit charge.

6.3 It is the responsibility of the electrician to cut out and drill any holes for placement of cable and sockets etc.


7.1 Due to the nature of our bespoke business, in rare unfortunate circumstances there may be delays which are out of our control. These may be due to but are not limited to unexpected problems, busy periods, road and weather conditions, availability of materials and sickness.

7.2 The Company reserves the right to extend the delivery date where it deems necessary.

7.3. The Company cannot be held responsible in any way for any kind of delay and are not liable for any expenses which may be incurred in such circumstances.


8.1 On placing the order, the customer agrees to pay 10% of the full price as deposit to secure the order.

8.2 The balance of the payment will be paid in two stages. When the Company is ordering supplies and materials for the works, an intermediate payment of 40% of the balance will be requested. Until this payment is made by the customer, the supplies and materials will not be purchased. This may cause delays. The remaining 50% final balance will be requested to be paid 5 days prior to delivery and installation. The preferred method of payment is by bank transfer into the Company’s bank account. Payment by cheque is also accepted but must be received 5 full working days before delivery and installation.

8.3 Title of goods does not pass onto the customer until full payment has been received. We reserve the right to enter your property to reclaim any unpaid goods.


9.1 Whilst care is taken in selecting materials, timber is a natural product and is liable to shrinkage, shakes, movement, warping and splitting due to changes in humidity and temperature. This is natural and will not affect the strength or longevity of the timber. Therefore we cannot accept any responsibility for this in our natural timber products.

9.2 In accordance with standard, timber trade practice, sizes and dimensions quoted as nominal. This takes account of the slight variations in planed and sawn timber and thickness of cladding that may occur.

9.3 All sizes quoted are approximate.

9.4 All buildings are handmade to order and may vary in design or construction. Design and construction may be subject to change.


10.1 All timber structures will qualify for our 5 year guarantee against rot and decay.

10.2 All structures are manufactured to a high standard using quality materials and workmanship and come with a twelve month guarantee against faulty materials or workmanship. This guarantee does not cover any normal wear and tear, damage (including natural and accidental) or negligence; it also does not cover the timber against natural splits, shakes, movement and warping over time.


11.1 Should any defect in materials or workmanship become apparent within 12 months of the delivery date please notify us in writing at the earliest opportunity. The Company cannot accept any responsibility for consequential loss or damage. The Company’s total liability will in no case exceed the purchase price of goods.


12.1 Should the customer for any reason wish to cancel the order, the deposit will be non-refundable.

12.2 If the order is aborted by the customer after the intermediate payment has been made, the Company reserves the right to withhold any monies for supplies, materials and labour already embarked upon.


13.1 All designs and drawings are owned by and are the copyright of William Lloyd and as such may not be used or copied by anyone else without permission from the Company.


14.1 Our policy is one of continuous product improvement and we reserve the right to make alterations to our range, prices, specification and terms & conditions without prior notice.